Friday, June 18, 2010

If you didn't know?

If you didn't already know I love,love, love pancakes. I saw the above picture on Kim Vallee  website. Slappy Cakes is a restaurant where you can make your own pancakes. Each table features a built in griddle. They bring you the batter and the fruit and other accompaniments. I already know what I would top mine with bananas and strawberries with maple syrup! They are located in Portland, OR a long way from Alabama. If you live close there here is the link to the restaurant and the menu. Since I won't be going there any time soon, I will be happy to give into my craving with my husband's Banana French Toast I must say " they are the best" and he usually make these spicy breakfast potatoes as a side dish with them.......It's making me hungry just thinking about them! I love to have him make them for me breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Hey, maybe I can get him to make them for me tonight ?


Kerri said...

what a great and fun restaurant idea- i wish there was one in dallas.

my fav pancakes i make at home are sweet potatoe and pecan!

Suzanne said...

How fun is that? I'll try to stop by when I got to Portland Art & Soul in October.