Sunday, July 31, 2011

Strawberry Margaritas ?

I found this sweet summer treat on How Sweet It Is.  I'm not much of a drinker but this looks so good!
The recipes is super easy too! I cant wait to try it. Love the way that she put the drink in the in vintage mason jars so me !! Want to try it out,... hop over to the blog and check out the recipe or click the link above !!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Ups and Downs of being a Artist ...

 As an a Artist it's always a joy for me to see other artist succeed in their own art career. To be honest sometimes I'm a little jealous. For example, Kelly Rae Roberts has just introduced a brand new art and home decor line with Creative Co-Op. You have got to check out her blog to see all the pictures of all the new products. While reading the post last week I felt excited and a little depressed. Excited for Kelly and happy  to know that art can displayed and made into such things as furniture and lamps but, depressed and fearful asking myself will that ever be me?

 A few weeks ago I submitted some artwork to be review for a Artist Reception but, was denied. The reason "even though we feel your art is cool, it wont be the best fit at this time"  This was a big blow for me. Sometimes when I'm denied I cant help but to fear those dreadful words " Am I good enough?" Then all that follows that : Maybe this art thang isn't going to go anywhere? Will I ever reach theses far fetch goals I set for myself ? Am I just fooling myself into thinking that I'm a Artist? 

To put your art out there to be judged is hard for anyone. It's really hard to be rejected. I know that I'm a new artist and there are things that I have yet to learn about this Art Thang. I  know that as a new emerging artist I'm not going to get everything that I apply for. I know that but, I'm still a little depressed about the whole thing. I just want a chance. A chance to show this world what I have to offer that's all. So, It's hard to hear " No, not at this time"

Don't get me wrong I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished. I have only been doing this a little over a year but I want to continue to push myself to do more. I'm always trying to find ways to get my work seen. It just hurts sometimes when there is a stumbling block put in the walk way.

So,...... after I get over this hump that I'm in....... I'll continue to sketch, paint, research companies and apply, apply, apply. I am determined to have this creative career that I've always wanted. I'll continued to email companies even if I never get a response, I'll also continue to buy books and read blog to give me  the encouragement I need to continue to be creative. I'll continue to strive to be who I am "ARTISTICALLY URBAN"   

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Art

So, this is my New Art. It was really a gift for me niece. She wanted me paint her something that she could hang in her room. The colors were hot pink and zebra so.....this is what I came up with. I think she's cute. I love her hair and the nude lips. If you didn't notice, I tried to do some highlighting in this painting. It was the first time I tried it.....I think it came out okay since this was the first time I didn't want to go overboard with it but, I'm happy with the way it turned out. This also one of the painting that was on display at the showing I had a few weeks ago.

This is another one of my new paintings. I  call it "Hollywood Glam". It was also on display at the art showing. I got alot of compliments on her. Love the boa and the circles around  her remind me of those old vintage mirrors! She is a gift for my older sister "The Boss". I hope both her and her daughter enjoy the paintings !

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sneak peek at First Art Showing

I am glad to announce that I had my first small Art Showing a few weeks ago! I had the pleasure of showing five of my painting at the Annual ArtNSoul Lyrical White Linen Event.This was their annual fund raiser and they we're supporting The Annual Got Your Backpack School Supply Drive and other endeavors. There was Open Mic so, there was all kinds of performers. Singers, Musicians,  a Mime Performance and some really, really talented Poets!!!  With the help of a few Veterans there at the Event I was able to make a few connections!  The event was Great !!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all those behind the scenes that made this such a great event and thanks for allowing me to showcase my Art!! I also wanted to say thank to all the wonderful people that came out to support the event! This grown folks event was one that I look forward to attending again  in the future.

Me and My Assistant ( my Twin Sister) came early to setup.She is so supportive. My art was displayed around the stage. One of my favorite paintings was setup right behind the mic. That meant, that every picture taken of the performer that night had my artwork in the background. I thought that was pretty kool!

Since, this was a adult event, and most of my babysitters were out of town my hubby stayed at home with the kids.I reasoned with myself saying " It's not a big deal and I'm only showing a few of my paintings " But really  I was feeling a little nervous about the whole thing. I mean, It was OK for prefect strangers to see my work but, family.... they tend to be a little more honest and I just felt really excited and really nervous about the whole event. And let it be said I'm a little shy...I'm not the kind of person that feels comfortable about talking about myself or my work. I know, I know that this is something that I have to work on ! But this experience was a little intimidating. Think about it, you put your heart out there for people to judge! Sometime they get it sometimes they don't.

How relieved, I felt to see not only my hubby walk in but his cousin too. ( which is like a brother to both of us) He found a babysitter last minute and was able to come and support me at the show. He said that he wanted to surprised me, and wanted to support even if I felt like it wasn't a "big deal". He got alot of brownie points that night LOL!!! I was glad that he was there along with my bestie and my brother!
I loved the way they sat back and smile every time they mentioned my name and my art. They way they helped me work the room and bragged about how proud they were of me for doing this. I love you guys! If you guys haven't heard it enough Thanks for being there with me and sharing my moment!!