Friday, December 16, 2011



On Friday, we left Los Angeles early to beat traffic for our road trip. Four hours driving with three kids who kept asking, “are we there yet, are we there yet?” definitely wasn’t kosher.
We stopped half way for a bathroom break, to stretch and grab a bite to eat. We let the kids run around until they got tired again before continuing on the road. It worked. Well, sort of..
This was my comfy road trip gear. Free People crochet beanie (similar hat here), military shirt is from Zara, but a season or two old (found something similar here) Marc Jacob sunnies (similar pair here).
Black skinnies are from Urban Outfitters – Can be purchased here. Vintage cowboy boots – They come in two different shades of brown can be purchased here. Onna Ehrlich Rachel bag. Enjoy…xx

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My 100th post is ...Dedicated to Arthur Tyrone Douglas !!! "Daddy"

OK, here goes .......I have waited over a year to post this painting. Every time I tried to write this post I would start crying or I would have to stop.... It is the the most sentimental painting that I have ever done! It is one of my favorite pieces. Every time I look at it I smile and tear up at the same time ...

About a year ago I lost my father "Mr. Arthur Tyrone Douglas". It's still hard to talk about him even doesn't really seem like he's gone. My dad was the type of man that never got sick. In fact, I cant even remember him ever calling out of work while I was younger. He had this great sense of humor ( I guess that's where my younger sister gets it from) He would always be joking around with us and anyone he knew. For Example he would say put your ugly daddy on the phone when calling my uncle (lol) But after retiring he started to get sick. He was diagnosed with pulmonary disease and started having lots of problems breathing and was put on oxygen. It happened so fast ..... a trip to the ER then all of a sudden talk about hospice..

Even in his last few day he just didn't seem sick at all, he would talk and joke all day with visitors that would come in see him in much that we would have to tell him to calm down and not talk as much because of the breathing machine that he was still on.. We never thought that we would lose him so soon ...even when the doctor gave the new we were still in shock because he seem so happy, he seemed fine ! He was just having some problems breathing...

During that last week I'm glad that I got a chance to talk to him, joke with him, kiss him hug him tell him that I loved him. I'm glad that my girls got a chance to see him and hug him and tell him that they loved him...Some people don't get that. I remember the night before he died me and my twin sister and brother were there to see him and he was telling about what music her had on his mp3 player he was asking about the grand kids and he was himself ...not out of it not drugged up but he was just my dad !!!!  And ..... I love him and miss him so much !!!!

After he died my mom redecorated her den ( well she turned my old room into a den ) and asked me to paint her something for the new room. I wanted to do something for him. This is what I came up with. The name of the painting "Vintage Parents "

I used one of Kelly Rae Roberts technique's. I used sewing pattern papers on the bottom of the painting. The dots along the sides of the painting are from her grand kids ( Atiana and Saniya dipped their finger in the paint and made them) I thought that was cool that they were apart of the painting process. The picture on the right side of the painting is an old school pic of my mom and dad! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE LOVE, this painting.