Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Art!!!!!

So this is Brand New Art!!! This is the Artwork that was given to my daughter Teacher Ms. El Amin the last day of school! I wanted to give her something that I thought she would use and something personal she is such a good teacher. I love the way I came out.

I used a 11x14 flat panel canvas. I wanted the teacher to be in front of the black board and used a white gel pen to write the message! Love the way it mimics a real chalkboard with the chalk. I wanted Ms. El Amin to be stylist with a hint of vintage so I chose the yellow and red dress. Can you see the small white details in the dress? I had to dress it up with some classic pearls! I also wanted her to be able to hang this piece of artwork, my solution to attach some pretty ribbon to the back of the painting!!!

I love the ribbon! Love the way it brings out the red in the painting. The polka-dots just makes it look a little more whimsical!  I hope she loves it as much as I do!!!!! I did hear that she put it up in the classroom and other Teacher came by to take a look at it. That makes me so happy !!

In other news.....This was just one painting that I have been working on right now. I'm working on 6 others. So, I'm just just trying to stay busy!!! I have started the ABC's series. I have started a (A.) painting and a (B.) painting cant wait to share those characters with you! And still researching ways to update the blog and make it more cohesive with my art. So... If you guys have any suggestions for colors or logos I would love to hear them!! So,until next time later gator!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Yay!! Picture above is my art display at local restaurant Betty Mae's!!!!  Though, I'm not completely finished with the wall I did want to post what I have done so far!!! Love how the yellow wall makes my artwork pop!!
So..So.. thankful for Ms. Tonya Turner the owner for giving me the opportunity to display my artwork there!

If you guys are in the area you have got to go there and check it out!! Don't get me started on the food! If your in the mood for some really good soul food....this is the place to go. The restaurant is located at 1222 Grace Street here in Huntsville. I love going there for lunch...I usually get the fried chicken, mac and cheese, fried okra, and mashed potatoes and she has the best peach cobbler. (sorry mom) That's the lunch special 1 meat 3sides and a dessert cant beat that! Ummm...just thinking about the food is making me hungry!!

In other news....I have just been busy, busy,busy..... I have been working to finish up two painting I'm currently working. I have also been working on a Alphabet series so I'm hoping I can start that series some time within the next few weeks. I have also received my artist postcards. Just working on packaging -( so happy to announce that I have already sold about 10 of those already !!!) We are really pushing to do more things this year with the art business!! Right now, we are looking to turn the blog into a website. I'm hoping to add a shopping cart and portfolio tab to the website! I want the website to be bright and colorful and urban!! Just like me hahaha!!! So much work to do but I'm looking forward to it !!!