Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Fearful?? As a artist, I think there is always a little fear when put your art out there. Afraid that it may not be good
enough,that's it's not as professional as so and so's or that voice in the back of your head telling you that you're not a REAL artist. What do you do when that fear tries it's best to consume you? I start to tell myself that I am GOOD ENOUGH  (maybe not the best) But Good! And no, my work doesn't look like so and so's I'm glad and happy that it looks like Trena's!  (that's what really matters) I AM A ARTIST! In every since of that word. There are days when fear gets the best of  me but I guess that is something that I will have to continue to overcome in my journey.

This is a painting that I did on a recycled canvas. Which means that there was another painting on the canvas before I painted this one. See, I'm going green!! lol! I gresso the pattern paper on the canvas and just drew on top of it. This was the first time that I tried this technique and I like the way it turned out. Maybe I'll try it again?

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