Friday, July 23, 2010

Anniversary Dinner Keepsake

Yes, this is the to go box from the restaurant the other night. I have a habit of drawing on everything including to go boxes.  I don't know when I picked up this habit but I kinda like it. Sometimes I doddle a face on the receipt that says "Thank You" or a "Dinner was great" cartoon. Hopefully, that makes them smile or maybe they keep it as a reminder of that crazy family they had to serve that night. Needless to say everyone at work always know what I brought for lunch, it's the box with the artwork on it! I encourage you guys to try it out. It's just something fun to do !


MotorCityMystic said...

What a neat thing to do. I like it a lot. I doodle, but for myself. Making a little drawing on a receipt and sharing it, that's fab!

Kerri said...

nice idea and a way to make people smile!