Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MY STRUGGLE ........

My struggle.....Finding time to be creative. Lately there has been a lot of changes at my 8-5. Good changes more responsibility, which is great! I actually love my job. Absolutely love the staff that I work with BUT.....It's leaving me no time to be creative......No time to paint.....No time to research ideas.....No time for submissions.....No time to e courses.....No time for Blog Post......

Well...I shouldn't blame it all on the job. If you read my last post you would realize that I SUCK at time management! I know, I know I need to learn BALANCE. As you can see it is very hard for me to find that balance in my day to day life. I always feel like I'm not doing enough. I'm just frustrated. I feel like I have all these creative ideas but just not enough time and energy to make them come to life. I feel guilty for sitting at home doing nothing or trying to find time to relax. It makes me feel like that time was wasted.Right now I'm trying to juggle being a wife, a mother, a artist, a small business owner, and ect. I'm trying to juggle life in my current job, opening a creative business (with all the research that come with that), I'm trying to get my artwork seen, get it published, submit art packages, work on my brand, the list goes's hard work!!

Right now the chaos of it all is to much for me. Right now nothing has my full attention. So frustrating!!!  I'm trying so hard to practice courage, determination, trying to hard to be brave in this journey. Trying so hard not to give up on this dream, not to put my passion on the back burner , not to let my day to day life invade my dreams and creative space!! IT IS A STRUGGLE!!

Maybe all artist go thru  this stage??  I'm sure all of us struggle with something from time to time. Maybe this is my time to prove it to myself that I am enough, It may take a little more time, I may have to learn how to adjust and really get more organized? I'm not sure at this point. What I am determined to do is Take some Time.... Time to readjust what I am determined to do. So.......that may mean for now, I will only post a few times a month instead of once a week.....I am Determined to chase my dream no matter how hard the journey may be !!!

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