Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Step Back ?

Well, I have been thinking alot about this art career, wondering what steps I needed to take next? What direction my art was taking? Did I want to continue to sell my online? Should I work on getting my art seen more locally? Should I work on making my art more cohesive, maybe work on a collection? Should I start to submit some of my art  and really get it out there to be seen? If, so what companies should I start with? Magazines, Card Companies, Gift Stores?

So, with much consideration I have decided to educate myself more about what I really want to do with my art. I have decided to paint more, learn better technique, develop some of my characters, learn how to use more color in my paintings. I want my art to better reflect me and my style and right now I'm still working on that. I want to become more prepared. I want there to be no doubt in mind that when I start to send out submission of my work that they aren't the best.

A step back to re-adjust thinking. A step back to re-evaluate my art technique. A step back to honestly look at my goals and re-write my list. A step back to really consider if Rebubble to the best place to showcase my artwork. A step back to prove to myself that my art is good enough.

Right now, I'm considering a new outlet for my artwork. I'm going to start a new creative e-course which will give me tips on how to grow my creative business. Invest in making my blog into a website, and try to learn as much as I can about painting and this creative business. 

So if any of you great people have any suggestions that you want to give me, I'm all ears!! Have any books or magazine you think I should invest in let me know. Have you taken a e-course that was mind blowing I want to hear about so leave me a comment below!!!!!

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Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Hey Trena:)

I took an online class with Misty Mawn this year that was amazing! She may be doing another online class later in the year. She'll announce on her blog if she does. Another great class is Mystele. Just google it and you'll find her blog! Good Luck sister.