Saturday, April 16, 2011


Jenny Lee Wentworth
Desrciption of your art:
That's a tough one.I never really thought of how I would
describe my art.I can tell you that when I'm making art
is when I'm the happiest.I hope when people see my work
that happiness if reflected. 
Places we can buy your Art:
When did you first realize that you wanted to do art?  
In early 2009 I was feeling incomplete.I had a wonderful
husband and two beautifulkids but I was so wrapped up in
doing everything for my family that I kind of forgot who
I was.I read a book that year by Katherine Center titled
Everyone is Beautiful and really identified with the main
character.She was a mom who found her way back to herself
through photography and in doing so was able to appreciate
all the blessings in her life.I started following Katherine
Center's blog and through that connection discovered Kelly
Rae Roberts and I just knew I needed to draw and paint.It
wasn't long after that that my kitchen table was covered 
in art supplies.  
How long have you been doing art? 
Only two years.I used to dabble in art and
poetry as akid but I didn't think was very
Were you formally trained?  
No, I wish. :) I've taken online classes 
with Suzi Blu and Misty Mawn and was lucky
to take a class at Art & Soul last October
with Judy Wise.You tube has been a great 
resource too.  
What inspires you?  
I always find inspiration in classic novels,poetry,music...
just about anything really.If I see something in a magazine
that I like, I'll cut it out and save it for inspiration.
I also try to have a pen and paper with me if I have an idea

so I can write it down.I will 
completely forget if I don't.   
Your favorite artist? 
Wow, there's so many amazing
artists it's hard to choose.
One of my veryfavorite artists
is my friendJudy Wise.I think
she can do just about anything
and she is so kind.She has taught
me toalways keep trying new things
and follow your intuition. 
Arts tool you cant live without? 
Do I really only get to have one? Hmmm,I can't get along
without a good pencil.There's something so soothing about
putting pencil to paper.
Your Art goals?  
I've been thinking about trying to get some of my work
into a local gallery and submit something for publication
in an art magazine.Fear sometimes holds me back from trying. 
A long term goal would be to be able to leave my day job 
behind to paint full time, that would truly be a dream 
come true.I may dabble in other mediums too, like clay. 
It looks like so much fun.
Advice for other Artists: 
If you've found something you love to do then do it. 
Do it for the rest of your life.Surround yourself with
loving friends who will encourage and inspire you. 
Believe that what you are doing matters.You never know
the impact for good you may have to those around you.


Diane said...

Love this interview and Jenny is such a sweet soul--I'm so glad that she found her passion!

carlanda said...

jenny is a sweetheart! i wish for her to be able to quit her day job! carlanda

Ruth Armitage said...

What a lovely chat... I feel like I know jenny a bit better now :) It is always refreshing to see someone who is trying new things and following their dreams! Fun to visit your blog, Trena!

Anonymous said...

Jenny I reckon your dreams wil come true!

Robin Norgren said...

I love hearing your connection with the book "Everyone is beautiful" and I am so tickled to have the copy you sent me. xoRobin

Jenny Blair said...

Wonder-full interview from such a gorgeous girl :)Can't wait to see these dreams coming true x

Anonymous said...

Jenny is very talented, not just with her art but in life. We are so blessed to have her in our family. I too beleive she will realize her dream.

Ruth (Jenny's mother-in-law)