Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's 2011!!! I must say that alot has changed in 2010. I am now a Artist. I am really a Artist... There are so many things that I'm working on for 2011 here are some of my goals.

1.) Work on turning my blog into a website.
2.)Come up with a cool banner.
3.)Sell my art online. (Red Bubble)
4.)Make mini prints of my artwork.
5.)Cont. to make BIG art.
6.)Sell some of that BIG art.
7.) Get my art into a Gallery.
8.)Be a featured artist on someones Blog.
9.)Have a art show.
10.) Cont. to define my style.
11.)Make more interesting blog post.

Just to name a few.  Believe me there's a long list. I'm very excited about this year! What are your plans for the new year??


Heather said...

Happy New Year!!! I hope it all comes true!!! You got to believe!!!

Suzanne said...

Good for you! That's a great list of goals. It always feels good when you accomplish something. Good luck.