Thursday, November 11, 2010

Listen to your Heart

Listen to your heart! I love this painting. It was painted and inspired by cousin Ms. Shanae Goshea. She told me about a month ago that she would be moving and that a painting by me would be a great housewarming gift. (hint,hint) So, This is what I came up with! I know that the words "Listen to your Heart"  has special meaning for her. That's another reason why I LOVE it so much.

The Painting was done on a 11x14 Canvas. Created by using my watercolor pencils and acrylic paint. This was the first time that I used black for the background on a painting and I am so HAPPY with the way it looks! Above is a picture of the original painting. I made a print of the painting for Shanea and framed it up all pretty for the party.

This is a picture of the Dessert Table at the party. Daphne one of her close cousin was in charge of all the food and decorations. She did a amazing transformation of the patio of the Clubhouse! The Food was delicious, the weather was wonderful the day couldn't have been more prefect!

The Flowers.....There is this Local Farmer and Gardner that Brings Flowers to our Office every Monday.Her name is Mary Frances with Brosemer Farms. She is so nice. She brings everything from Huge Sunflowers to Beautiful Dahlias and everything in between.  Every week we get a new arrangement and we are always excited about what she going to bring. My favorite are the Dahlia!! They are the flowers that are in the above picture! Compliments of Brosemer Farms! Mary let us come by the farm and pick up buckets and buckets for them! They were so Pretty! Everyone loved them. Me and my sister did the arrangement and I must say they did "Look Marvelous!! (in my Billy Crystal voice ) lol!
This is my Bubbly cousin Shanea! Isn't she Beautiful. She so silly! She was showing off some of her novelty napkins that she received at the party!!

Then...Finally......She opened my gift........There..... I waited nervously thinking......Would she like it? What would she think? Would she say those dreaded words "Oh it's nice???"
She cried!!!!  Then I cried!!! She LOVED IT!!!!  Then after we cried and laughed and she opened the rest of her gifts I took these pictures ;) 

Oh, did you see the my card in the lower corner of the pic. So, what do you guys think?? Leave me a Commet and become a Follower !


Danyetta said...

I lOVE this piece its AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!AND its a wonderful gift for Shanae!!!!!!!!!!!

Daphne Goode said...

Trena! You are so amazingly talented and creative! It really takes a true artist to bring someone to tears :) And thanks SOOOOO much for all your help with the party.

Love you,

Laura D said...

Beautiful! I love the vibrant colors of your art. This was great idea. Keep it up!

Trena said...


A. Pettway said...

You really do have talent...This is impressive. Have you ever thought about selling your art?

Trena said...

Yes, right now I'm selling it @ the Flying Monkey on the weekend and I am looking for a online website as well

Sheena said...

Of course she loved it!! It was beautiful!!!!!