Monday, November 29, 2010

Dry-Run for Music and Art Night

So, a few weekends ago we had a dry-run for Music and Art Night. My Brother had this great idea to make a show of out of it. He's just started playing this new instrument "The Tongue Drum" and wanted us to see him live and in action..He's seen some of my artworks and was so supportive that he asked if I would paint while we played hence the name Music & Art night.

He planned to do a dry-run with just family and know something small so that we could get all the kinks out. It was so exciting no one had seen him play his new drum and no one had seen me paint live before! It was great. We had such a good time and it felt good to spend some time with the family.

This is my brother Tyrone. He is already an experienced Bass Player for the band Absract. To learn more about his band click here: Abstract Band.  He also has 3 solo albums entitled New Age Soul, Road Trip and Keys and Strings which is my favorite because my niece is singing on that one! You can download and buy them on iTunes here: Tyrone Douglas .  He's was also self taught as well I guess that's where I got it from LOL!

So, here is the finished painting...

I was working on a painting for him and his family that got ruined by my girls. Kids!!! So, I decided to give this one to my brother. He was so suprised. I hope he loved it as much as I did !


Sheena said...

I love it Trena!!! U guys are so talented

Anonymous said...

Love it.... go check out Gorillaz... I love their muusic and their videos. they are having a competition to find a new character.... something to ponder!!! He looks perfect!