Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pixar: Pure Imagination

This is one of my favorite songs. Every time I hear it I can't help but think of "This so called Art Career" I have now! Yes, I know it's barely off the ground but It's getting there slowly but surely. :) Just think, a year ago I would have NEVER IMAGINED that I would be painting art, let alone have this blog up and running. I can't help but wondering what I will be doing next year around this time? Hopefully, I'll have alot more followers or maybe some of my art will be featured in a Gallery or a Art show? Who knows? There are so my possibilities,and I can't wait to embrace them all!!!!


Anonymous said...

love the video post. I love that song too, so inspiring, and congrats on your prints. I have to shop around as I dont think my printer can do the job well enough.

For the Love... said...

This is a Lovely Song... I have Great memories attached to it, I loved origianl movie "Willie Wonka," and watched it over and over again as a child.

Yay!! For you living you life filled with ART.