Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Few Things I'm Working On

These are a few paintings that I'm working on. Hopefully since I have a few days off work (Whoo Hoo!!!)I'll have time to finish them. Hopefully.... Who knows??? The plans are to go and spend some time with my Mom hopefully, we'll spend the whole morning going to yard sales (I love finding a deal..who doesn't)then we're having lunch with the girls. We usually try to have lunch together at least once a week.(a girl has to catch up on her gossip you know that's what us women do when we get together) We're going to one of my favorite Southern Restaurants Betty's Mae's, they make the best fried chicken (just thinking about that food is making my mouth water) And..... We promised Thing1 and Thing2 (my two little girls )that we would take them to see Shrek  sometimes this weekend! Yeah? Hopefully some art will get finished ?


Twin said...

Your so funny , thing one and thing two how cute ! Love u girl

Your Double in Trouble

Danyetta said...

I love it ur amazing I would love for u to do a pic of me!!!