Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm Back....after a much needed break !!

After my last post about focus, I decided to take a much needed break. A break from painting. A break from sketching. A break from ALL things Artistically Urban.

What did I do while on my break from Artistically Urban??? My wonderful hubby took me on a surprise vacation to Puerto Rico!!! We spend 4 days at this wonderful Resort called the La Concha!

View of one of the pools out side our suite !

Another view of the lounge area outside our suite !

Did I  mention that it was also our 6 year Wedding anniversary!!

Eric loves Trena and then our Anniversary Date 7-18 

Loved, Loved, Loved this Resort!!! We loved everything about this hotel and  the staff was wonderful !!! The minute we arrived curb side Felix one of the Valet Drivers greeted us as Mi Familia! Mi casa es su Casa !The resorts also featured not 1, not 2, but 3 infinity pools that were opened 24hours a day !

This is the view of one of the infinity pool and yes it was on the beach!! We spend 4 days in Puerto Rico doing nothing but relaxing! We went to the beach, did alot of swimming, and  enjoy a little bit of Old San Juan. It was so nice to go on a vacation and do know, most of the time there are things that you feel that you need to do to enjoy your time while on vacation. We chose to doing nothing but relax and I LOVED IT !!!

So, since being back from my fabulous vacation, I have been able to ease back into Artistically Urban. I have really earnestly started to do a lot of research into this website and also talked to a few companies about branding and logo design. I'm also looking at another local business to display my artwork! I've been thinking of all kinds of new things to do with this business! Overall,  I'm just really feeling excited about the future of this Art Thang!! Looking forward to all the possibilities!

Oh, I almost forgot we're looking to buy our first home....So, we're super excited about that! Ahhh, just to have a room or a real space to paint !!! I can't wait! I have been all over pinning ideas for the new house that I may some day have. Go there and look me up following some of my boards !!

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Danyetta said...

Thats sooo freaky sweet Eric got mad game lol. Im super exicted for all the amazing changing in your life congrats sweetie :-)