Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy....

Yay!! Picture above is my art display at local restaurant Betty Mae's!!!!  Though, I'm not completely finished with the wall I did want to post what I have done so far!!! Love how the yellow wall makes my artwork pop!!
So..So.. thankful for Ms. Tonya Turner the owner for giving me the opportunity to display my artwork there!

If you guys are in the area you have got to go there and check it out!! Don't get me started on the food! If your in the mood for some really good soul food....this is the place to go. The restaurant is located at 1222 Grace Street here in Huntsville. I love going there for lunch...I usually get the fried chicken, mac and cheese, fried okra, and mashed potatoes and she has the best peach cobbler. (sorry mom) That's the lunch special 1 meat 3sides and a dessert cant beat that! Ummm...just thinking about the food is making me hungry!!

In other news....I have just been busy, busy,busy..... I have been working to finish up two painting I'm currently working. I have also been working on a Alphabet series so I'm hoping I can start that series some time within the next few weeks. I have also received my artist postcards. Just working on packaging -( so happy to announce that I have already sold about 10 of those already !!!) We are really pushing to do more things this year with the art business!! Right now, we are looking to turn the blog into a website. I'm hoping to add a shopping cart and portfolio tab to the website! I want the website to be bright and colorful and urban!! Just like me hahaha!!! So much work to do but I'm looking forward to it !!!


Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Yay, way to go Trena! It looks wonderful!!! Peach cobbler sounds so good. If I lived nearby I would be there!
Much Love,

Danyetta said...

Awwwwww that's so exicting Trena im super proud of you I will make sure I go check your display and grab some lunch as well. :)

Elizabeth said...

Awesome work my friend i would love to have one of your painting or a painting representing me and my daughters In your own unique style and creation. Always my Bff
Elizabeth Rodgers Fruit