Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Sorry it's been so long....for the last week I have been so busy trying to get caught up at work and getting the home life back in order.So, I told you that I was going to tell you guys what I experienced a few weeks ago well.......

It all started Wednesday April  27th ( doesn't that sound like the opening for a story book lol) it was nothing out of the ordinary? We have storms like this all the time. I was at work and some of my co-workers were talking about the storms, and how the news was stating that we it was  going to get really bad today. side note: I never watch the news but anyway, I was just thinking if it does get bad none of our patients will show up and then maybe we will get to go home early ( I know that's bad but that's what usually happens everyone starts getting nervous and nothing ever happens) The Dr told us that we  needed to just go ahead and cancel the afternoon schedule because there was talk that the schools were going to let out early. Then about 12:00 it really started to look scary. The sirens started going off and the sky got really dark ! So, that's when the office moved to the exam room! There with my coworkers and a few patients we sat and listen to the news trying to figure out if the storms were coming our way?

After about 45 mins. we got the OK that there was a break in the storm just long enough for us to get home safely. It was still pretty dark after I left and still raining pretty hard but I made it there safely. When I got home the sirens were still going off and my husband decided that he would go to the store just in case it got really bad. So, now I'm glued to the TV yes watching the news and all I see on the radar is red! The new anchor is constantly telling people to take cover there are tornado's on the ground and that's when I really started getting nervous! THEN...they said that the tornado was near us and we took cover in our bathroom my husband was on his way home and said that the whether was looking crazy and that all the lights were out and everything was dark and right before he walked in the lights went out!

So, that meant no phone, no Internet, no radio and the cel was on it's last bar!!! We tried to contact family and friends with our cel phone but no answer. There we sat with no power. In the middle of a tornado storm with no way of knowing if it was going to hit us or not?

Thankfully we got thur the night no damages to the neighborhood. Still no power so we had to resort to listening to the radio in the car along with using our car charger. I had finally talked to my mother the night before and she told me that they didn't have light either but at that point I really didn't think much of it. It was until mid morning that I learned that the whole town was without power and that they were uncertain when we were going to have power restored and the county was on curfew.

Now the whole town was in a uproar. Running for gas, food, candles, flashlight, charcoal,basically anything that they could get there hands on. The lines at the pumps and the stores were CRAZY!!! Keep in mind we still hadn't spoken to family or saw any of the damage that the storms had done to parts of Alabama. We made due with what we had. It wasn't so bad. I even got a little painting done during the daylight hours. Our neighbors were really kind and were willing to help if we needed them. My mother-in-law even let us borrow her hot plate to cook dinner with ( which reminds me I probably need to return that to her) Mostly everyone was driving to neighboring towns to stock up on gas and supplies or just to get away. We were without power for about a week and I have never missed hot water so much in my life that first hot bath felt so good!

All of our families and friends were OK. So, I was very, very,  thankful. But when I got back to work Tues. (yes I had to come back to work you know It's hard trying to get dress in the dark.) I learned that our Dear Friend Kim our mail lady lost her home. Our office tried to help her as much as we could and she was so thankful. She is so grateful everyday she come in she still smiles and still jokes with us. She is such a strong woman she says that she is so thankful to have her family and right now she staying with a friend. It's funny how some people were complaining about not having power but think of all those families that didn't have homes or lost loved one. I continue to pray for my friend Kim and her family and ask that you guys keep her in your prayers as well along with all the other families that lost not only homes but loved ones during these storms.

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