Monday, March 7, 2011

So Inspired by favorite Artist Kelly Rea Roberts !!!!!

Don't you just love the picture above. I love it. Of course, I could never come up with such a kool looking room. It is a picture from Kelly Rae Roberts blog. I found it under her Home Tour!! Those are pictures from her older home since then she was moved into another Bungalow and it looks fabulous!!!!! I really admire her style and the way she puts things together! Love that she find ordinary things that normal people like me would past up but she finds a way to re purposed them and make them her own. For those who haven't been to her blog I encourage you to go and check it out and look at the before and after pic of her renovations of her new home!

I wanted to decorate my girls room and I have been putting it off for a while( mainly because I didn't know what I wanted to do) I planned on getting  2 twin beds but that was as far as I got?? I wanted it to reflect me and them all at the same time ( if that makes sense). I wanted bright and funky that typically my style LOL! I was searching the Internet trying to find some kind of inspiration or ideas for their room. I had been googling everything from bright kids room, eclectic shared girls room, to girls bedrooms with twin beds, and found nothing! I needed something just to get me going in some kind of direction....then I remember Kelly's blog and how much I loved the way she decorated her home....and I found the picture above it was the bright and funky room I had been looking for.

I wish I could post all the pics. She has a old antique chair painted bright red that servers as a table stand it's too cute! You guys have got to check it out. So,I'm officially on the look for two iron bed frames and any second hand furniture that I can re purpose. I am also looking for some really cool looking quilts so if you guys know of any cool websites or blog please let me know !!!!


Leslie said...

I just happened upon your blog by following a couple others. I have many old quilts that need a good home. I'll email you photos and sizes if you'll give me your email. You can have them for pretty cheap, plus shipping, if you like any of them. Just need to unload some stuff. And that is a cool room!

sonyamacdesigns said...

i love old and vintage stuff ... my daughter has an Iron bed ... that I bought for a song years ago! she love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it Trena!!